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Cargo Container Labeling in UAE

Properly Labeling Your Cargo

Labeling cargo isn’t just a legal procedure – it’s also a step towards risk mitigation for your goods. Not properly labeling cargo may lead to issues with claims or shipment recovery and land you in a sticky situation.

Here is a quick rundown on how to properly label your cargo:

1) Label Basic Details on Each Box

If you are shipping 

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What is a Shipping Label and How to Print it in UAE

What is a Shipping Label?

Shipping labels are those pieces of key information providers that act as identification labels. These labels are affixed to containers, cartons or boxes and specify the contents of the shipping container, carton or box. These labels also contain crucial information about any kind of inspection involved in the Supply Chain Management process. These labels also contain originating and destination addresses. These are very helpful in tracking process of the placed order on any online ecom portal for delivery.

Shipping Labels Template and ...

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Fire Fighting Labels in UAE | Ribbon House Middle East LLC

Ribbon House Middle East LLC Provides the best fire fighting label identification system for building that will improve the safety of your buildings. From fire fighting equipment labels, dry riser identification labels, fire exit signs, sprinkler identification labels, wet riser identification labels,  fire door signs, fire safety signs, fire action signs,  fire equipment signs, fire instruction signs,  fire assembly signs, fire extinguisher signs to underground warning tapes.

We have the expertise and products to offer all buildings with safety and caution by our fire fighting label identification system. Our range of signs are designed to meet ...

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Serialized Label printing

Serialized Label printing is the act of assigning a unique identification code to each item in a series.

Whether it be  industrial equipment, pharmaceuticals, or health and beauty products, serialization labels are the tried and true way to protect your supply.

Many companies are now required to use serialization labels in order to comply with strict track-and-trace laws. In doing so, companies are able to keep an accurate account of products throughout the ...

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Self-adhesive label supplier in UAE

A self-adhesive label is a cheap bearer of information, which can be found separately or as a part of the packaging everywhere around us. Due to its promotional, information, logistic and aesthetic function, it becomes an indispensable part of many things, which surround us. Self-adhesive stickers are quick and easy to apply.

Labels are made using the latest technologies including metal look, holographic effect, prominent reflective colours, metal stamping etc. Security labels can contain security elements, which will transform the label into an efficient seal. Unprinted or pre-printed labels allow additional printing by the consumer using all types of printers including thermal transfer printers. These involve ...

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When it comes to food, quality matters to a lot of people. The way you brand your food and the way you package it, represents the food itself for a lot of potential customers. This is why your Food Labels play a huge role in what your food product will stand in the market.

If its organic food, if its regular, all these things are further represented by the Kind of packaging it has.

Food again has different kinds of consistencies and textures. Some are oily, some can melt easily, some stay solid and dry. These qualities of a food product also define the practicalities of the packaging type and labels you are going to opt for.

Ribbon House Middle East LLC provides you with a wide range of Food Labels catering to ALL ...

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