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What is a Shipping Label and How to Print it in UAE

What is a Shipping Label?

Shipping labels are those pieces of key information providers that act as identification labels. These labels are affixed to containers, cartons or boxes and specify the contents of the shipping container, carton or box. These labels also contain crucial information about any kind of inspection involved in the Supply Chain Management process. These labels also contain originating and destination addresses. These are very helpful in tracking process of the placed order on any online ecom portal for delivery.

Shipping Labels Template and Format

Business units like UPS, DHL, FedEx, Aramex, etc. use specific templates for their shipping labels. This, in turn, assists them as well as the end-consumer to track its order and cross-check with the ecom company’s website or App for synchronous outcomes. Tracking the placed order’s position of delivery, i.e., expected date, expected time slot of the day on that date, etc. is made possible with ease only through these shipping labels.

Shipping labels come in different shapes, sizes, colors, etc. These labels are order specific and customizable. This flexibility attribute of the labels makes tracking of individually placed orders much-much easier.

Shipping labels are designed, printed and used by these ecom companies to affix on their commodity orders yet to be delivered. These labels are usable only by specific companies and can’t be used by any other business entities. They are put on placed order’s package between every successive stage of the Supply Chain Management process. If this is not done, then tracking of any placed order for misplacing, damage(s), and/or other parameters becomes very difficult because, without a shipping label, the ecom company is not able to comply with that stage of the delivery process where the error or discrepancy has taken place.

Before printing the final shipping label on the placed order, the ecom companies go through sample print process of these labels. Once the sample(s) are/have been approved for affixation over boxes, cartons, packages or containers, the shipping label tagging process is considered to be complete and order is dispatched for final delivery to the end-consumer.

Tracking information is inherent and appended with a shipping label for a placed order. In the shipping workflow process the following two parts are essential ones:

  • Tracking
  • Delivery Confirmation

How to print shipping labels for delivery?

Nowadays, the shipping labels are printed by the printing companies in uae like Ribbon House Middle East LLC. This makes the task of an online seller/retailer/merchant much easier where he doesn’t have to worry about the formatting and templates of such labels.

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